Desert National Park

Great Indian Bustard (a rare species of bird), demoiselle crane, vultures, kestrel, buzzards, babblers, warblers, orioles, falcons, harriers, eagles, larks, peafowl bee eaters, quails, demoiselle crane, shrikes, gray partridges, spotted eagles, sand grouse and many more rare and common birds can be seen here, in the India’s largest (spread over 3150 square kilometers area) park. “The Desert National Park” is very near to the Indo-Pak border in Thar Desert, District- Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, and India.

Here is a forest post named Sudashri is best place to see and take pictures of the rare wildlife of this Desert National Park. Chinkara, Desert fox, Blackbuck, Indian wolf, Bengal fox, Desert cat etc. are main wild life here. Keep lunch box with you for whole day visit. Best season October to March.